Thursday, June 18, 2009


Moomba now offers an experience far beyond a printed catalog with their stunning new interactive e-catalog. Sharp 3D content views, page flips, active links and videos create a unique experience for Moomba shoppers.

The all new interactive e-catalog provides full content product information to interested buyers within seconds of their request; making the e-catalog as convenient as it is unique.
For Moomba’s growing international community; the e-catalog will open in any language the user has their computer set to. Meaning this catalog will open in Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc. This is only one of the many unique and user friendly features. Check out these added elements:

1) Moomba catalog will open in a 2 page view
2) Flip the page with navigation arrows at the top of the screen
3) Zoom in Hi-Res - Click on the catalog and slide left to right and up or down.
4) Download catalog into a PDF to save a copy
5) Print directly from the view screen
6) All links are interactive, just click on the link
7) Catalog converts into language the users computer is set to

Request a catalog for yourself. Check out the next generation of Moomba design and experience this incredible new technology that provides you the information you need, when you want it!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Moomba Maniacs Newsletter Released!

The first electronic edition of the Moomba Maniacs was released today. You can find the newsletter at

New interactive features like the Yo’ with a Pro section, has been added to provide the opportunity to ask Moomba Team riders the questions you really want answers to.

The new Moomba Entourage section features dealer, manufacturer and customer highlights; however, this edition introduces you to who’s behind Moomba and where to find us and other owners. In future editions you may find links to hot bulletin board topics from fellow owners or Moomba family features from time to time. So send in your photographs, we want to hear about your family’s Moomba experience.

The electronic newsleter has many cool new features. Be sure to check out the upcoming events, tech tips and step by step video instruction from a pro.

To sign up to for the electronic newsetter, email