Friday, January 16, 2009


that several key materials used to build a Moomba are the exact same products that come from the exact same manufacturers that our competitors use? Really, our direct competitors use the same gel coat, resins, fiberglass, engines, dash, carpet, vinyl and towers. Doesn’t it make you wonder why their boats cost so much more?

Something else to think about is that not only does Moomba and its competitors use similar components from the same manufacturers, they also use a similar process to build their boats, yet Moomba stands behind their product for a longer period of time while offering consumers a better value. And Moomba’s retain their value. Check out our construction process at and our leading L4 warranty at

So exactly what is it that allows Moomba to offer its customers uncompromised quality, reliability and performance at such a remarkable value? Moomba’s philosophy, keep it simple. Moomba maintains a no frills approach and avoids pointless markups. Moomba’s are built with highest quality, time proven components to offer the best value, but most importantly flawless, reliable performance season after season.

And why is it that Moomba’s retain their value so well? It all goes back to that no frills approach and no pointless markups. Which means you will never see Moomba offer $20,000 off the retail price as some of our competitors have done causing their current owners boats’ to depreciate $20,000…ouch. Can you imagine if you where the customer who paid the $20,000 before the big sale? At Moomba we also keep it simple by not playing games with our pricing. Moomba was affordable, before affordable was the trend.


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