Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Outback and Pro Slalom Skier Terry Winter Featured in Waterski Magazine

The March issue of Waterski magzine features a the 2009 Outback and team Skier Slalom Terry Winter. The Editor ask Winter a series of questions about why he rides for Moomba and why he choose the Outback.

Why Winter rides for Moomba: “You gotta root for the underdog, right? When I first got the boat, I was amazed by how good it was. Plus, I loved the idea of representing a smaller company. I feel I have way more impact on the product in this setting. Better to be the major player in a small company than one of 30 team members at a huge company.”

Why Winter needs his Moomba Outback: “Consistency is the most important thing about skiing on the Pro Tour. My wife, Kristen, hopped straight into this boat and was able to give me a great pull on the first set. I love skiing with her, so the fact that she prefers driving this boat over any of the others makes my skiing and my life way easier.”

Why You need a Moomba Outback: “You get so much boat for such a great price. Our prices aren’t inflated, so we aren’t a part of this great price tag war going on with the other companies. The boat is sick, the price is right and with the economy in the shape it’s currently in, how can you go wrong with that logic?”

Winter’s memorable Moomba moment: “Man, too many to pinpoint just one, really. Just skiing every day with my wife and my friends. Skiing is my life, so every day that I’m out with my Outback is memorable. Just running 39s, hanging ouot with the coolers full and the music playing, life is always good when I’m in my boat.”

Winter’s top three features1. Moomba’s speed control system. “Moomba rolls with Zero Off, so it’s the same pull as on Tour.”2. Size. “The Outback is the perfect size. It feels and handles like a slalom boat, not an undersize wake boat.?3. Driveability. “It drives perfect, ask Kristen.”

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