Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birth of a Moomba Legend: Mojo Build Day 1

Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats is digitally chronicling the first production build of the new Mojo 2.5 wakeboard boat with daily build photo posts. This series of blog posts and photos galleries will illustrate the superior production processes that make a Moomba boat.

Today is the first production day of this new Moomba wide-bow wake boat and just like any process, that is worth doing, this one begins the right way. Flawless molds and laser accurate, artistically applied tape lines are just two ingredients that give the Mojo it's beautiful exterior look.

Boats are built from the outside in, believe it or not. The first thing this Mojo will get is it's exterior colors, but before that can happen the mold needs to be prepared and the tape needs to be laid. 

Moomba boat molds are conditioned meticulously to ensure a durable consistent high-gloss shine in the finished product. Molds are lined with a hard tooling gel coat (the green surface in the photos) that is made to withstand the rigors repeated deck and hull construction.  Any imperfection in the mold will be mirrored on the finished Mojo. So A pristine finish on the mold results in a pristine finish on this Mojo 2.5. You'll notice that the molds are waxed and examined so thoroughly, not even a spec of excess wax is missed. We invest more resources into maintaining and preparing our molds for production. We will not compromise the longevity of the gel coat by repairing and buffing imperfections in final finish, as some others will.

Once the mold is perfect, it is ready to accept the tape lines that designate the changes in gel coat color on the exterior of the Mojo. The Mojo 2.5 is available in several gel coat graphic options. This boat is being built with BlurFX graphics. Tape line application walks a thin line between accuracy and art. The taper must have a keen eye, but the jig process that Moomba uses guarantees consistency and adherence to the Mojo gel coat graphic design.

We don't build boats this way because it is easy. We take extra steps because it is the right way. 

Stay tuned to the Moomba Boats Blog for more photos and production process descriptions of the first production Mojo 2.5 build. Your Mojo could be next. Moomba is brand you!

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You should check out and get their travel boxes on the stage to record this - what a cool idea. The owner is a friend of mine.
-2000 Moomba Kamberra owner Chris

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