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Moomba Boat Moves Writer to Create New Country Song

Summer love and a Moomba boat @MoombaBoats inspired Eric Clark to write “Rocking the Moomba”. Moomba Boats move people and some people, like Eric, are even moved to song. These value performance water sports vessels don't just simply carry you across the lake or pull you to that next ski or wakeboard run. The "no worries" tag line is a mantra and a way of life for many Moomba owners and enthusiasts. The effect Moomba boats have on the individuals they encounter sometimes even surprises the manufacturer. So many times these boats are associated with experiences that define a lifetime. It is flattering enough to know that enthusiasts spend their hard earned spare time with family and friends on Moomba boats. It is completely humbling to know that some people choose to include Moomba in life's biggest moments. Whether the boat is part of a family vacation, the limo for a wedding, the playpen for a new baby, the theme for a tattoo or the subject of a song, Moomba Boats never stops being thankful for the level of enthusiasm shown for the boats they build. Moomba is extremely thankful for Eric, who dedicated time and effort to writing, performing and recording a country song about a Moomba largely because of the passion he feels for the boat and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

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Eric wrote and recorded a song titled "Rocking the Moomba" after spending the summer falling in love with his girl and a Moomba boat. The boat wasn't the only thing that moved him to song, but the Moomba was the vehicle that brought the story together.

"The summer of 2008 was a time we will never forget. It was a summer of true love; skiing, tubing and late night boating," Eric explained. "The Moomba stereo system kept the lake echoing with our favorite tunes late into the night."

A published song-writer, Eric was no stranger to inspiration and he knew enough to go with it, no matter what the motivation. He loved the name Moomba, but it was the time he and his girlfriend Kathy spent in the boat that really inspired the song. With in approximately one month "Rocking the Moomba" was on paper.

Eric described the finished song this way. "It became a song about two people in love and enjoying an incredible boat."

Even though it took about a month, the writing was the quickest part of this process for Eric. He was not sure what to do next. Jenny, a fellow band member suggested he contact the Moomba factory and let them know about the song.

Eric met Moomba Boats President and CEO, Rick Tinker, over the phone and let him know about the song. Rick was excited and anxious to hear the new tune once it was recorded. So that was the next step.

Four months later Eric was in a studio in Nashville, TN recording "Rocking the Moomba" with producer Peter Young and a great cast of musicians. Peter worked with Eric to fine-tune the lyrics. He also played drums on the track and acted as the song's recording technician. Eric's manager Renee Van Houten was also involved in the recording and, according to Eric, was a great source of encouragement for the entire project.

"Without Renee's support this song would have never happened," Eric told us.

Finally the song was recorded and ready for public consumption. Eric sent Moomba Boats a copy and they absolutely loved the fun Moomba tune. What an amazing accomplishment for Eric and his team.

Eric said, "Thank you to the Skier's Choice company, staff and boat builders for creating the Moomba!"

“We are extremely humbled by the fact that our boat helped inspire this song,” Tinker told us. He continued, “We are so thankful that Eric was moved enough to see the project through and share it with us. What a great success! Way to go Eric, Peter and Renee! We appreciate all your efforts and will always crank it in our boats when we're rocking our Moombas.”

Listen and Download your copy of “Rocking the Moomba” today.

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