Monday, June 11, 2012

WaterSki Magazine's Water Skiing Workhorse: Moomba Outback

While reading the June issue of WaterSki Magazine we came across this awesome Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats article. WaterSki Magazine wrote, "Moomba's Outback continues to deliver stellar skiing performance for a value price." That's what we're saying!

WaterSki Magazine's Jim Frye wrote, "Every 91 minutes or so, the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park shoots water 150 feet into the air. It's been called the most predictable geographic feature on the planet. Moomba's outback is like that geyser - each year it delivers solid three-event skiing performance. This workhorse vessel doesn't disappoint. For further evidence of its consistency,, take the fact that it has earned the CSI Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction the past six years. 

The old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" works in Moomba's favor, seeing as the company hasn't given the Outback a major hull redesign in quite some time. This helps keep engineering costs low on this classic ski boat, which starts at $38,900. That's something that appeals to novice skiers as well as Moomba's loyal clientele. 

At the Helm
Stretch your legs out in the roomy comfortable cockpit that conveniently situates all the instruments and controls close to you. The standard Digital Cruise Control and and driver's bolster seat enhance the experience at the wheel. For tournament like pulls opt for the Zero Off GPS speed control.

Wake Performance
It's tough to beat the ski wakes on the Outback, with its relatively low cost. This tried and true hull design delivers low, soft and consistent wakes for longline and shortline skiers alike. The stock Indmar 330-horsepower engine delivers a quick shot out of the hole, and it's always fun skiing behind this boat. 

Storage and Shill Space
Skiers will find plenty of storage behind the observer's seat on the port side. They'll also love the gull wing storage for easy access to all of the equipment; and better yet, it make a great sun deck for chillin' in between sets. Skiers will appreciate the swim platform's nonskid foam, it won't scratch your equipment.

Interior Comfort
It may be more of a ski-specific boat, but the Outback's interior space, upgraded upholstery and comfortable lounging areas add to the boat's appeal and make it perfect for enjoying lazy days on the lake. The walk-through open-bow design has room for 10."

Pick up your copy of the latest WaterSki Magazine and read on. Thanks for featuring this awesome Moomba ski boat in this issue WaterSki!

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