Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Can't Look Away From This Braziian Wake Video

The Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats Brazil Dealer sent us this great wakeboarding video and we had to share. It's pretty rare that a wake boat video make you laugh this hard, but this one definitely does! The star of the video is the Moomba Mobius LSV, but a close second is Marito @MaritoWake. From his keyboard and roller skating skills to his nunchucks and high flying behind the boat, Marito is like a wreck, you just can't look away. Ha!

Take a couple minutes and watch. Don't worry there are no subtitles, just "no worries" Moomba boating and some Brazilians having a bunch of fun. Thanks for the video Marito! It made our month!

Where's North From Here? from Bolovo Productions on Vimeo.

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