Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moomba Boats Kicks Up No Worries Wake Boating in Central Florida

Regal & Nautique of Orlando has been chosen as the official Moomba Boats dealer for Central Florida and surrounding areas.

The award-winning Central Florida boat dealership, Regal & Nautique of Orlando, was Moomba Boats’ first choice for a new dealer in the water sports-dedicated area of Central Florida. Just like Moomba puts their family of owners first as demonstrated in their 7th consecutive NMMA CSI Excellence in Customer Service Award, Regal & Nautique of Orlando prides themselves on focused customer attention and service. Designated as one of the Top 100 Dealers in the world, Regal & Nautique of Orlando has been helping Central Florida water sports boaters find the right boat to fit their family’ s needs since 2008. They plan to continue this charge by offering the industry’s only true value performance wakeboard and water ski boat line. Already wowing existing Moomba Boats customers with superior service, Regal & Nautique of Orlando looks forward to spreading Moomba’s “no worries” lifestyle, superior feature-set and wake performance to the Central Florida region. Stop by Regal & Nautique of Orlando and experience “No Worries” water sports boating with the new 2013 Moomba boats in Central Florida.

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Locally owned and operated by Jeff Husby since 2008, Regal & Nautique of Orlando is a customer-centric veteran of the Central Florida water sports scene. The staff at Regal & Nautique of Orlando pride themselves on representing trusted brands and helping their customers find the right boat for their lifestyle. It is this reputation and dedication to the customer that earned Regal & Nautique of Orlando the Moomba Boats line.

"We now have a quality value priced brand to offer our customers and grow our business. Moomba Boats will help our dealership capture more inboard buyers in the Central Florida Market," explained owner and GM, Jeff Husby.

“Jeff Husby and his team at  Regal & Nautiques of Orlando are the dominant players in the Florida inboard market. We have been in discussions about teaming up with Jeff for almost 2 years, and it was worth the wait. We feel that we have found the best team to continue growing the Moomba brand, and to take great care of our long list of owners in the Central Florida area,” explained Dan Miller, Vice President of Sales at Skier’s Choice, manufacturer of Moomba Boats. “Regal & Nautique of Orlando was the obvious choice and we are extremely excited to have them as a part of the Moomba Family.”

Visit Regal & Nautique of Orlando in Central Florida to experience the “no worries” vibe in person!

About Regal & Nautique of Orlando:
Our dealership is located in the inboard capital of the world. We ARE the people who sold you your first boat. We ARE the people who changed your oil and serviced your boat until your kids made you trade for the newest model. We ARE the dealer that you can trust for your boating needs. WE ARE committed to earning and maintaining your business! Regal & Nautique of Orlando IS YOUR PREMIUM HOMETOWN DEALERSHIP. 2226 Paseo Ave, Orlando, FL 32805 (407) 425-2628

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