Monday, July 15, 2013

Die-Hard Moomba Owners

Long time Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats customer Drew Wolfe and his family just recently ordered their second Moomba boat and we thought it would be fun to learn a little more about these die-hard Moomba owners Drew, Allison, Taylor, Jordan and Jack!  So we asked them a few questions to find out why they love their Moomba!

1. What year/model boat do you own?
Current:  2008 Moomba Outback V
On order:  2012 Moomba Mojo

2. How many boats have you owned? 2

3. How do you and your family use your boat?
We use our boat for many different watersports.  Our daughters love to slalom ski, waterski, wakeboard, wakesurfing and even ride the dreaded tube.  My 4 yr old son loves to surf with me and my wife enjoys surfing also.  The boat has been a fantastic addition to our family and we enjoy teaching others as well as using it to simply cruise the lake & relax.

 4. Why do you choose our boats?
After a lot of research, I continued to come to the conclusion that Moomba offered the best value in the wakeboard market.  The manner in which the folks at Atlanta Marine treated us sealed the deal.

5. What is your favorite characteristic of your boat?
It's versatility.  We can do everything with this boat.

6. Who is your dealer?
Atlanta Marine 

7. What do you think of your dealer?
Best in the business!  They helped put us in the right boat for where we were at the time in regards to experience level with inboards, watersports and the ages of our children. 

8. What is your occupation/ business? Describe.
I work for a Wise Foods.  We produce a full line of salty snacks that are distributed along the East Coast.

9. What are the names and ages of everyone in your family?
Drew   41
Allison   under 40
Taylor  12
Jordan  10
Jack  4

 10. What are you truly passionate about? Why? (Doesn't have to be boat-related)
My family & friends.
My boat.
My Ohio State Buckeyes.

11. What does boating and water sports mean to you and your family?
It’s a great way for us to all be together, enjoying something in common.  Since we all started to surf, it’s great to challenge each other for longest ride, best trick(s) and, of course, best wipeout.  I usually win that one.  We have a great time at the end of the day recalling the surf sessions and laughing at ourselves.  My wife & I love to hear the kids complement each other and try to teach each other how they pulled something off.  We have been taking more video and replaying on the tv in hopes that we can find faults and improve.

12. What is your favorite boating story?
We had friends at the lake house for the weekend in July last year.  We spent the day on the water, but were chased off by a late afternoon shower.  The storm moved off quickly and the girls all wanted to get back on the water.  So, we headed back out until dusk and everyone was starving.  The wives & kids ran to the house to get cleaned up and myself and the other Dad quickly cleaned up the boat, then rushed to the house to get dinner on the grill.

The next morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch, my then 3 yr old son walked toward the boathouse, turned around and yelled up to me, “Dad, the boat is gone.”  After a very frantic few moments and calls to the local sheriff, we were told the boat was tied up safely just outside our cove.  Seems in our haste to get the grill fired up, I forgot to put the lift up high enough and the boat floated out of the boathouse overnight when the water rose.  Luckily, the boat didn’t have a single scratch on it!

13. Additional comments? Maybe describe being a moderator and why you participate in the forums?
For the last few years, we have hosted an event at our lakehouse for fellow Moomba & Supra owners.  Before the event last year, a Moomba family who lives in Tuscaloosa, AL lost their home and most of their belongings to the tornados that devastated the area.  When the others coming to the event and those on the forum learned of his family’s situation, they stepped up and donated cash, gift cards, supplies and some new parts for his boat that was presented to him at the event.  It was awesome to see folks support someone they only knew from an online forum that is focused on Moomba boats.

Thank you for sharing your story!

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