Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Moomba Mojo Marriage - Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Mike Mandley

Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats owners Mike and Claudia Mandley were recently married and spent their honeymoon on their 2nd Moomba a 2013 Mojo 2.5.  The Mandley's love using their Mojo for wakeboarding, wake surfing and hanging out together. 

Mike and Claudia had their wedding reception in Phoenix with family. Then they spent a week on Lake Powell on a house boat with the Mojo they towed from their home in Oregon.  It was a chance for them to spend time with nieces and nephews, that have never had the opportunity to spend time on a house boat or wake boat.  They wanted to show their family why they have such a great passion for boating and surfing. 

Mike tells us he has two things that he is truly passionate about. "The first is living life to its fullest. There is a thought that replays in my head all the time. When I'm old and retired siting on the porch in my chair thinking about my life, I don't want to look back thinking I should have done more, tried more, lived more. I want to know i had a great life. The other passion is boating/surfing. We stay involved in boating and surfing year around even though in OR boating is a short season - normally June through October. We go to all the big events in the area and stay in touch with hundreds of online friends, communities, forums, and other boating-related things" 

What boating means to the Mandley family is time with friends and family and making memories.  It is a way of bringing old friends, distant friends and family together out on the lake.  "Nothing beats the smiles and laughter when watching someone learn to surf or wakeboard for the first time, they remember that day for a lifetime. Knowing I had a small part in that makes it all worth it"  Mike even gained a true family friend named Steve that he now calls his little brother, through a thread on the wake board forum.  Boating truly brings people together for a lifetime of memories.
"Skiers Choice, [manufacturer of Moomba Boats] as a company is truly devoted to its customers, I have met many of the people who make that company great such as Shane Stillman, Amy Mauzy and of course Rink Tinker, these people taking time out of their day to talk to the actual customers - That has a huge impact on how people think and fell about SC.  This is one of the things I really love about this company and makes me want to keep buying their products".

Thank you Mike and Claudia for letting us share your special day, how you feel about wake boating on your Mojo and the company that builds Moomba Boats! Congratulations! We wish you a long and happy lake life together.

Check out more photos of Mike, Claudia, family and friends on Moomba Boats Flicker Photostream.  

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