Friday, August 1, 2014

Under the Spell of Moomba's All New 2015 Mojo Wake Boat

The new completely redesigned 23-foot Moomba Boat @MoombaBoats Mojo is casting a “no worries spell on true water sports warriors with professional-level wakeboard wakes, competition-worthy surf waves, magical handling and great rough water ride all for a reasonable price. The Mojo enchants even skeptics with a beautifully durable and comforting interior. The new wider and longer stature of this Moomba has allowed for more seating and storage. This spaciousness also directly relates to more Gravity III-D Ballast standard. Weighing in with 2000 pounds of ballast, the 2015 Mojo conjures-up huge shapely wakes right off the factory floor. If you are looking to coax even more surf performance out of the Mojo, opt for the Moomba Surf Edition, which adds another 500-pound plumbed-in bow sack and Flow Surf. With as much as 2500 pounds of ballast and 23-feet of wake boat to get on plane, the Mojo requires the low-end power that only an engine built for high performance pulling can provide. The 2015 Mojo comes standard with the new 400 6.2 liter Ford Raptor engine by Indmar with an industry-leading 5-year factory drive train warranty. This Raptor engine cranks-out 404 foot pounds of torque to get any rider or surfer up and on the water in seconds without the driver ever loosing sight of the horizon. You’re going to have to experience the magical powers of the 2015 Moomba Mojo at dealer near you to believe it. 


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Wakeboard Wakes
The 2015 Moomba Mojo was designed from the water level up with the goal of high wakeboarding performance in mind. Wether you're a beginner just learning to ride at seventeen miles per hour or a seasoned professional riding in excess of 25 MPH, the new Mojo hull design produces a meaty wake with progressive ramp and a nice kicker at a full range of line lengths. With 2000 pounds of Gravity III-D Ballast standard in the Mojo, this Moomba is ready to shred straight off the factory floor. Monitor ballast levels and control the boat’s set speed through the Digital Cruise Pro II display at the dash. This system is easily expandable with plumbed-in quick-connect universal ballast fittings in the rear to allow the boat’s wakeboarding performance to grow with your skills. Adjust the automatic Multi-Sport Wakeplate with the customizable ballast to achieve your perfect wake shape and size. But because we know you do more behind your boat than wakeboard the Mojo’s water sports performance doesn’t stop there. 

Surf Waves
With wake surfing as popular as it is, the new top-of-the-line Moomba wake boat would not be complete without clean pushy waves on either side. This boat may have been optimized for wakeboarding, but the surf waves are just as impressive. At surf speeds the 2015 Mojo creates amazing waves for goofy and regular riders. When ordered as a Surf Edition the 2015 Mojo raises its wake surfing prowess to pro proportions with an additional 500-pound u-shaped bow bag that is plumbed-in to the Gravity III-D ballast system controlled and monitored at the dash. The Moomba Surf Edition package also features Flow Surf. A wake surf enhancement device that transforms wakeboarding wakes to fun versatilely shaped surf waves without adjusting ballast, Moomba Flow Surf offers straight forward operation and strong effective design. 

Slalom Wake 
Versatility is one of Moomba’s hallmarks, right up there with performance, value, fun, simplicity and reliability. We build boats to perpetuate the water sports lifestyle, not limit it. The 2015 Mojo creates an awesome recreational slalom wake. Throttle up to skiing speeds and watch the water lay down behind this Moomba. Adjust the Multi-sport Wakeplate to your desired wake shape and enjoy a swerve set. You gotta ski it to believe it.   

Handling and Ride
Because water sports require a driver and are more fun with a boat full of spectators, Moomba Boats made sure to optimize the design of the new Mojo hull to amaze them too. Weighted or not, the 2015 Mojo is extremely responsive in high and slow speed maneuvering situations. This handling performance is created by a combination of specific hull design, the new automated Multi-sport Wakeplate, perfectly tuned underwater gear and precise rack and pinion steering. The hull design in combination with the new Auto Multi-sport Wakeplate creates faster time to plane as well as a smooth ride in a variety of water conditions. The driver can adjust the running attitude of the Mojo manually with the Multi-sport Wakeplate lever to the left of the steering wheel customizing the running surface to create the best ride for any body of water you are boating on.  

Moomba is not a value performance boat simply because our prices are lower than the next water sports boat builder. Moomba maximizes the value to you by providing increased benefits without necessarily increasing the cost of the boats. The 2015 Moomba Mojo drives this dedication even further. Standard benefits like a Fusion Sound System, large comfortable seating areas, no-slip rubber-lined storage areas, intuitively placed oversized stainless steel cup holders, fiberglass floors with snap-out carpet, an easy-to-view-and-use dash display, a swivel driver’s seat with flip-up bolster, a sun deck walk across with nonskid, a forward-swept folding Fold Assist OZHD Tower, 3-piece rear lounge seat with Sun Pad Step-up, a rear transom seat covered in non-skid bookended with cup holders and a tandem axle Boatmate Trailer are just some of the features you will benefit from with the new Mojo. 

Spacious Comfort
Then there’s the intangible benefit of the new Mojo. The feeling you get when you are on the inside. The look and feel of the upholstery together with the openness of the interior layout and the easily accessible, but completely concealed storage areas create a high-end feel you’ll be hard-pressed to find in another value class wake boat. The 23-foot length, 100-inch width and increased depth of the 2015 Mojo creates room for as many as 17 people and all of their gear. This increased size also  accommodates the Mojo’s additional ballast. With room for more people, more peoples' stuff and more ballast comes additional weight to get up and on plane quickly. Moomba Boats answered this concern with more power. 

Ford Raptor Power
Because torque is power, Moomba Boats is less concerned with providing a power plant that is optimized for speed and dead set on offering an engine that is built for pulling. The 2015 Mojo comes standard with the new 400 6.2 liter Ford Raptor by Indmar. This Raptor engine cranks-out 404 foot pounds of torque to get any rider or surfer up and on the water in seconds without the driver ever loosing sight of the horizon. The 6.2 liter platform of this Ford engine allows the engine to work smarter not harder for you on the water. The efficiency of this engine translates to the creation of more low-end power with 15% lower fuel consumption. The Raptor 6.2L engines also are equipped with compelling standard features such as dual spark plugs for greater fuel efficiency, reliability and lower emissions. Standard closed cooling on the Moomba Raptor prevents corrosion and extends engine life. The high mounted HO 95 amp alternator not only improves the performance of the boat, but it adds safety and flexibility to run additional electronics like the Mojo’s Fusion Stereo System and new interior lighting.The factory backed 5-year engine warranty is exclusive and provides peace of mind and protection long after other warranties expire. Moomba Boats has extended “No Worries” magic to the engine in the 2015 Mojo increasing the value and performance of these wake boats once again. 

Visit your nearest Moomba Boats Dealer to fall under the new 2015 Mojo’s spell. 

Length: 23’  
Beam: 100” 
Weight: 4100 lbs 
Passengers: 17 
Fuel:   49 Gallons 
Standard Motor:  400 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar (The most powerful std engine in the industry) 
Optional Motor:  440 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar  
Standard Ballast: 2000 lbs (700 bow tank, rear sacs 650/650) Optional 500 lbs bow U sac  
Standard Features: Gravity III-D Ballast, Digital Cruise Pro II, OZHD Tower, Automatic Multi-sport Wakeplate, Boatmate Tandem Axle Trailer and more Optional Surf System: Flow Surf

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