Friday, October 17, 2014

2015 Moomba Boats Model Line Release: No Worries Real Fun
Moomba boats @MoombaBoats are built for performance with comfort, value and reliability to produce “No Worries” fun. The success of this dedication is measured by Moomba boat owner happiness. 9 consecutive Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Awards are the result, but the real reward is a carefree Moomba Boats family that is tens of thousands strong. 2015 models like the new magical 23-foot Mojo, versatile Mobius LSV, small frame big fun Mondo and real deal Outback V are pulling the "No Worries” movement. And the real power of Moomba fun is the new 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar. Leave your worries on the dock. Get in a performance water sports machine that excels in comfort, value and reliability. Moomba boats are real fun!
The new 23-foot Moomba Mojo is casting a spell on water sports families with pro wakeboard wakes, competition surf waves, magical handling and great rough water ride. The Mojo enchants with a beautifully durable interior made larger for more comfortable seating and storage. With Gravity III-D Ballast weighing in at 2000 pounds, the 2015 Mojo conjures-up huge shapely wakes right off the factory floor. If you are looking to coax even more surf performance out of the Mojo, opt for the Surf Edition, which adds 500-pounds of ballast and Flow Surf. The get-up-and-go behind the Mojo's fun is the 400 6.2 liter Ford Raptor by Indmar. 

Mojo Specs 
Length: 23’  
Width: 100”  
Draft: 27.5”  
Weight: 4100 lbs  
People: 17  
Fuel: 49 gal  
Std Ballast: 2000 lbs  
Opt Ballast: +500 lbs  
Std Eng: 400 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar  
Opt Eng: 440 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar  
Opt Flow Surf
The Mobius LSV is the all-around Moomba boat. The Mobius LSV offers timeless style with enough comfort for a crew of 13, at a great value. This versatility extends to the waterline with a proven hull design that produces fun wakes across the spectrum of water sports for beginners to pros. The LSV’s high performance wakes win the hearts of riders with 1800 pounds of Gravity III-D Ballast. The available Surf Edition adds Flow Surf with 500 pounds of ballast for series surfers. Those in it for a smooth ride relax into this Moomba's beautiful deep interior. Power hungry boaters appreciate the quick-pulling efficient reliability of the new 400 6.2L Ford Raptor engine by Indmar with an industry-leading 5-year drivetrain warranty. This 21.5 foot Moomba is the wake boat of choice for anyone looking to have all kinds of fun on the water for a “No Worries" price.

Mobius LSV Specs 
Length: 21’ 6”  
Width: 97”  
Draft: 25”  
Weight: 3800 lbs  
People: 13  
Fuel: 39 gal  
Std Ballast: 1800 lbs  
Opt Ballast: +500 lbs  
Std Eng: 400 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar  
Opt Eng: 440 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar  
Opt Flow Surf

This Moomba is not big on paper, but offers huge wide-bow interior comfort with monstrous water sports performance at an incredible value. The Mondo handles like a sports car and welcomes 13 people with a smooth ride. The wakes behind this little behemoth benefit from 1300 pounds of ballast for rocking a curl or launching off both sides. Wave sliders can opt for the Surf Edition with Flow Surf, extra 500-pound U-shaped bow ballast and two 650-pound ballast upgrades in the rear. The Mondo is big on power with the 400 6.2L Ford Raptor engine by Indmar standard. The 2015 Moomba Mondo gives you the best of all worlds with optimum size, performance and value. 

Mondo Specs 
Length: 20’ 6”  
Width: 99” 
Draft: 25” 
Weight: 3800 lbs  
People: 13  
Fuel: 39 gal  
Std Ballast: 1300 lbs  
Opt Ballast: +1000 lbs  
Std Eng: 400 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar  
Opt Eng: 440 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar    
Opt Surf Sys: Flow  

Turn-up the surf waves and commemorate your personal bests behind just about any Moomba boat with the new Surf Edition. This package brings together elements of additional wake surfing performance that can be added to the 2015 Mojo, Mobius LSV or Mondo. The Surf Edition upgrade includes Moomba Flow Surf, a 500-pound plumbed-in U-shaped bow sack and Surf Edition exterior graphics. For the Mondo you get even more ballast as part of this package with upgraded 650-pound bags on either side of the engine. 

High torque at low RPM is real power. Strong reliable efficient Ford Raptor power is fueling the fun of water sports in Moomba boats. The displacement of the 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar allows the engine to work smarter not harder for increased performance, while standard closed cooling and a 5-year warranty insure reliability. Moomba is powering the fun of water sports and pulling value class wake boats to a higher standard with Ford Raptor power by Indmar. Raptor 400: The 400 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar establishes a new higher standard for base engines specifically in terms of cooling, efficiency, displacement, torque and horsepower. Delivering 404 ft-lbs of torque at 6.2 liter displacement in a closed cooling set-up, the Raptor 400 makes its home in the 2015 Moomba Mojo, Mobius LSV and Mondo standard. Raptor 440: The 440 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar is an incredible upgrade option in 2015 Moomba boats. The Raptor 440 delivers an industry best in class 427 ft-lbs of torque and is an exceptional choice to deliver the additional torque to quickly plane larger boats like the all new 23-foot Moomba Mojo with 2000 lbs of ballast standard.
Moomba Boats builds the 2015 Outback V to provide great value with versatile performance, a long feature list and a comfortable interior. But seriously, the Outback V is all about fun. Performance water sports features like 1200 pounds of Gravity III Ballast, Digital Cruise Pro speed control, the OZ Tower with bimini, the Multi-sport Wakeplate and a 330 5.7L Engine give you everything you need. If you want to dial-up the waves opt for Flow Surf. The Outback V has social seating for 12, a walk-though open bow, a fiberglass transom walk-across, a Sony Sound System, a boat cover, pull-up cleats and a trailer. Seriously, the Moomba Outback V is fun! 

Outback V Specs 
Length: 20’  
Width: 96” 
Draft: 24” 
Weight: 3300 lbs  
People: 12  
Fuel: 39 gal  
Std Ballast: 1200 lbs  
Std Eng: 330 5.7L MPI CAT ETX Engine  
Opt Surf Sys: Flow

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Nothing really beats moomba! I really love their slick designs.

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Powerful unique and slick! One awesome ride this is!

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