Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 Moomba Boats AutoFlow

Moomba Boats introduces the all new AutoFlow Surf, a new wake surf enhancement device that transforms wakeboarding wakes to fun, versatility shaped surf waves without adjusting ballast-thanks to straight forward operation and effective reliable design.

Moomba’s AutoFlow Surf harnesses the flow of water at surf speeds with the surf-optimized running surfaces of the Moomba Mondo, Mobius LSV, and the all New 23' Mojo. Just touch the switch and in a blink of an eye the AutoFlow produces pro level wave shapes for you and your friends to carve on.

It is so easy!

When activated, AutoFlow Surf creates a surf wave with fast push even when evenly weighted. Transfer easily from side to side as you surf toe or heel side, by just pushing a button. No need to shift people all around. Just fill the massive Moomba Surf edition ballast systems (up to 2,500 pounds in a Mojo), hit the AutoFlow button, and you are ready to go and GO BIG!

Moomba has applied the “No Worries” theme to their version of wave enhancement, just like the original Flow Surf System, to achieve a high level of performance without compromising straight forward operation and reliability. The all new AutoFlow's simple but effective design will keep you on the water: session after session!

And to make it even easier to get the know just how impressive the AutoFlow surf is, Moomba Boats will be providing the AutoFlow at no charge to customers purchasing a boat during the upcoming Boat Show season! That's right, get the latest in automatic surf systems and get it Free! See a dealer near you for dates of the local boat show.

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About Moomba Boats
Moomba boats are built by Skier's Choice Inc. for performance with value and reliability to produce "No Worries"fun on the water. The success of this dedication is measured by the enjoyment of real Moomba boat owners. 9 consecutive Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Awards are the result of this charge, but the real reward is a fun carefree Moomba Boats family that is tens of thousands strong. Moomba Boats is real "No Worries" fun.

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