Thursday, December 10, 2015

Moomba Pick-A-Package Event


Auto Flow 2.0 Surf System • 500 lb. Bow Sack • Surf Package Decal 
Moomba’s surf upgrade comes with the Auto-Flow 2.0 Surf System, specifically designed to deliver pro-level waves on either side of the boat. And the Surf System switches sides in just seconds, so you can swap riders faster than ever. Add in the 500 lb. Bow Sack and stylish Surf Package Decal, and you’ve got a boat built to make waves among riders of all skill levels. 



S-Bend Tower • Forward Bimini 
Moomba’s comfort upgrade comes with the enhanced S-Bend Tower and Forward Bimini to provide stunning looks and loads of functionality. That means you get more storage for your boards, a more aggressive S-Bend style for your Moomba, and more protection from the hot sun from the Forward Bimini — so you can stay comfortable and cool through every all-day session.

**Offer valid on new Moomba boats purchased in North America and Europe for recreational use from participating dealers during qualified boat shows. Customers must take delivery by May 31, 2016. Participating dealers are responsible for part of the customer incentive and this may affect the final price. Dealer sets actual price and prices may vary. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. Offer subject to change without notice and may not be transferred, exchanged or combined with other promotions. See participating dealer for details and a copy of warranty. 

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Wow! I think this is the best deal they offered so far.

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