Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Next Big Thing in "No Worries" Wake Boating is MONDO

The new 2014 Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats Mondo is just that, MONDO! This 20-foot 6-inch water sports tow boat is not big in price or stature, but it offers huge performance and monster comfort. The wakes behind this little behemoth benefit from 1300 lbs of ballast perfect for rocking a curl or launching off both sides. The rough water ride and handling of the Mondo dwarf all other 20-footers. And the "MONDO" vibe continues on the inside with room for 13 people and convenient storage for all of their stuff. The only areas the Moomba Mondo doesn't measure-up is its price and physical size. The Moomba Mondo is gigantic when you want it and tiny when you need it. The new Mondo is big on "no worries".

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2014 Moomba Mondo Intro from Moomba Boats on Vimeo.

The Moomba Mondo is not a value performance boat simply because the price is lower than the next water sports boat builder's. Moomba maximizes the value to you by providing increased benefits without necessarily increasing the cost of the boats. Moomba Boats takes great pride in providing reliable functional features designed to foster the "No Worries" lifestyle for you and your family no matter what your budget. There is no better example of that commitment than the new 2014 Moomba Mondo.

At 20 feet 6 inches you would expect the Moomba Mondo to be all about its convenient size, but "20-footer" just begins to describe this wake boat. Don't get us wrong, this Moomba is easy on your tow vehicle weighing in at at 3800 lbs and fits nicely into a standard garage thanks to the new OZ HD tower, but its real value comes in the form of performance and comfort.

Wether you're into wake surfing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, slalom skiing or just cruising the lake the Moomba Mondo will come through big for you. You can fine tune the multi-discipline hull design for water conditions or wakes across the wake spectrum with the Multisport Wakeplate. Pull-up the new Swivle-head Pylon and the Mondo can accommodate a slalom set too. Set the perfect speed for your session with the new graphical Digital Cruise Pro II display. Fill the Gravity III-D Ballast to 1300 lbs or beyond as an upgradable quick-connect plumbed-in system. If you slide towards surfing take advantage of a Mondo curl unaffected by the swim platform with Surf+. If cruising is more your style, throttle the Indmar Assault 330feel the control of the rack and pinion steering commanding perfectly tuned under water gear. The Moomba Mondo will do it all and without leaving anyone at the dock.

The sacrifice for a price-point 20-foot boat can be interior comfort, but the Mondo goes big in this area too. The Mondo will accommodate 13 people, but this Moomba is not just a people mover. You can relax "no worries" style in the Mondo. Deep seating throughout the boat makes the ride safe and supportive while allowing tons of room for gear in the non-skid lined storage areas. The fiberglass floor with snap-out carpet adds even more convenience. The wide hybrid bow gives you the seating space without the "me too" pickle fork design. The driver will enjoy a swivel seat with the Rise-R flip-up bolster for all sized captains. The Mondo interior design has a fresh sporty look that combines multiple textures and colors of high quality Spradling vinyl. The new 3-pice rear seat reveals a center step into the lounge covering conveniently located wet storage. Opt for the new Sundeck Walk Across with Nonskid and make the trip from the swim deck to the interior truly no worries.

And since we all know having fun on the lake gets even better when we look good doing it, the Moomba Mondo was designed with a customizable fresh style inside and out. The Moomba Mondo sports a sleek profile that can be accentuated by new available gel coat and graphics. The new Torqued gel coat scheme with Rally graphics gives the Mondo a rally sport atitude. The classic gel coat with the new Distortion graphic gives the Mondo a distinct look of orderly chaos. Finish either of these configurations with the Chrome or new Black Chrome Moomba and you won't be able to take your eyes off of your Mondo. The Moomba Mondo interior follows the exterior with a sporty design that can be as unique as the owners themselves. 

The next big thing in "no worries" wake boating is MONDO. Visit your local Moomba Boats dealer and test drive the 2014 Mondo.

Overall Length w/o Platform: 20' 6"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 22' 6"
Width (Beam): 99"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 102"
Draft: 25"
Weight - Boat only: 3,800 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 4,650 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 13
Capacity - Weight: 2,000 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 39 gals
Capacity - Ballast (Standard): 1,300 lbs
Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection: 330 HP, V-8

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