Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love my Moomba Mondo!

Huge Moomba Boats @Moombaboats fan Brian McGarvey loves his Moomba Mondo so much he wanted to share this cool video that was filmed behind his 2014 Mondo, along with some great photo's. We thought it was cool too and wanted to share it with everyone! We asked Brian to share a little background about the boat he loves so much! Here's what he had to say.

"I picked up the boat on July 7th. I already have 80 engine hours on the boat! I usually go out 4+ times a week. The first week I got the boat I went out 9 of 10 days! I learned to surf last year with friends and love it and can’t get enough. The Moomba wake with the Flow is awesome. I also wakeboard which I love and am still learning". 
"The Mondo is an amazing boat for Seattle’s, Lake Washington, the lake gets pretty choppy and the Mondo plows right throughout and delivers a comfy ride.  I love my Moomba Mondo a lot, best looking boat on Lake Washington"

Moomba Boats dealer Northwest Inboards is where Brian purchased his boat and also wanted to give credit to the creator of the video Blake Diers filmed with his GoPro! 

Thank you again Brian for sharing your Moomba experience with us! 

See more photos on our Flicker Photostream 

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