Thursday, November 20, 2014

2015 Moomba Boats Mobius LSV - Simply Versatile
The Moomba Boats @Moombaboats Mobius LSV is the all-around Moomba boat. The Mobius LSV offers timeless style with enough comfort for a crew of 13, at a great value. This versatility extends to the waterline with a proven hull design that produces fun wakes across the spectrum of water sports for beginners to pros.

The LSV’s high performance wakes win the hearts of riders with 1800 pounds of Gravity III-D Ballast. The available Surf Edition adds Flow Surf with 500 pounds of ballast for serious surfers. Those in it for a smooth ride relax into this Moomba's beautiful deep interior. Power hungry boaters appreciate the quick-pulling efficient reliability of the new 400 6.2L Ford Raptor engine by Indmar with an industry-leading 5-year drivetrain warranty. This 21.5 foot Moomba is the wake boat of choice for anyone looking to have all kinds of fun on the water for a “No Worries" price.

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