Monday, October 3, 2011

Birth of a Moomba Legend: Mojo Build Day 4

Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats is digitally chronicling the first production build of the new Mojo 2.5 wakeboard boat with daily build photo posts. This series of blog posts and photos galleries will illustrate the superior production processes that make a Moomba boat.

Today is the fourth production day of this new Moomba wide-bow wake boat. We have seen the deck created and pulled from the mold. Today we will see the structure of the hull completed in the mold with the sub floor installation and then we will see it pulled out. After the hull has been pulled it will be closely inspected. The deck and the hull together are starting to look like the Mojo.

After the CompSys Stingers have been laminated inside the hull the sub floor of the Mojo is installed. This first floor is affixed to the stringers and the inside of the hull with WeldOn, a chemical adhesive that forms a stronger bond than fiberglass. WeldOn actually changes the molecular structure of the two materials it is joining to make them literally one part. So at this point in the Moomba Mojo construction the hull, stringers and sub floor become one.

Now we come to a step that is foregone by most of our competitors. At this stage in production a Moomba boat, no matter which model, is injected with Closed Cell Flotation Foam beneath the floor. The injection of this foam insures there are no open air voids in the structure of the boat. This process dampens noise and vibration as well as improves the boat structural integrity. This is a large part of why Moomba boats are the quietest value performance boats in the industry. The Coast Guard does not require this flotation foam in boat models over 20 feet in length. This is why many of our competitors skip this step to save time and money. Moomba injects all of their models with full flotation foam. We don't build boat this way because it is easy. We do it because it is the right way.

Once the sub floor has been installed and the WeldOn is properly set, the hull is ready to be pulled from the mold. When this separation occurs we will see the exterior gel coat of the first production Mojo hull for the first time.

Just like the deck the hull has an incomparable shine even right after it has been pulled. This amazing  finish is thanks to meticulous conditioning and preparation. But even a nearly perfect surface requires scrutiny at Moomba. After the hull is pulled it is closely examined under lights to reveal any imperfection no matter how small. The items, if any,  are marked for attention and addressed before the boat leaves the factory.

At the conclusion of day 4 not only have the hull and deck been joined, but all of the Mojo 2.5 upholstered interior pieces have been hand sewn and pulled. The Mojo interior is ready for install. 

Tomorrow this Mojo will be in rigging ready to except its Indmar engine. Tune in to the Moomba Mojo Build Day 5 on the blog for that powerful experience.

One of the many great things about the individuals who work on the production line at Moomba Boats, is their dedication to continued improvement. They are constantly looking to better themselves and the processes they execute everyday. The results are evident in the new Mojo 2.5.

Stay tuned to the Moomba Boats Blog for more photos and production process descriptions of the first production Mojo 2.5 build. Your Mojo could be next. Moomba is brand you!

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