Monday, October 3, 2011

Birth of a Moomba Legend: Mojo Build Day 5

Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats is digitally chronicling the first production build of the new Mojo 2.5 wakeboard boat with daily build photo posts. This series of blog posts and photo gallery will illustrate the superior production processes that make a Moomba boat.

Yesterday was the fifth production day of this new Moomba wide-bow wake boat. Up to this point we have seen the structure of the boat created. The exterior of the boat is now given another close inspection in Parts Inspection or PI. The Mojo then moves to Rigging where underwater gear, ballast pick-ups and the Multi-sport Wakeplate are installed. Here we will also see the Mojo 2.5 being prepared for the Indmar engine, wiring routed and the dash installed.

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Prior to entering the Rigging stage of the production the Mojo deck and hull are united under the lights in Parts Inspection. Here the exterior of the boat is cleaned, buffed and closely examined for gel coat imperfections. If there is a blemish, we would rather repair it here in PI instead of waiting until the end of the line when a gel coat patch may not have time to properly cure before shipping. The new available Surf + Swim Platform is cleaned buffed and inspected in PI too.
Custom Mojo-specific fiberglass jigs are used before the rigging process to ensure consistent hole placement for the components to be installed.

Rigging is a major stage in production for any boat and the Mojo is no exception. During the first part of this stage the Mojo's under water gear is through bolted to the running surface of the boat. Tracking fins, struts, the prop shaft mount, the steering arm and the rudder box are all through bolted for strength. While some manufacturers secure these vital components with screws, at Moomba we take this process a step further with stainless steel through bolts.

Components like the rudder can be put under a tremendous amount of force during normal boating operation. This is why we choose to take extra steps to secure these items properly and why this area of the boat benefits from a thicker mounting surface. The area of the Mojo where the rudder is installed is nearly twice as thick as this same area on other manufacturers' boats. The fiberglass is laid on thicker in this area and PCV board is used to beef up the area even more.

The foundation for the Mojo's wake enhancement is installed in rigging with the water intakes and plumbing for the Gravity I or optional Gravity III ballast system. The Multi-sport Wakeplate is also installed at this stage of production. The Multi-sport Wakeplate shapes the wake, provides skill and water sports versatility and is standard on the 2012 Mojo 2.5.

The helm gets a lot of work in rigging. The dash and related wiring is installed and routed. You will notice that the Mojo dash is shaped to compliment the boats' design. The dash functions are simple, durable and easy to use as well as eye-catching. Optional components, controlled at the dash like docking lights are installed during this time as well.

As the Mojo is being rigged the remainder of the upholstered interior pieces are being finished and prepared for installation in the days ahead. The driver's seat is one of the last interior pieces to be completed. The Mojo driver's seat is standard with a flip-up bolster or Ris-R seat as well as forward and backward position adjustment.

In the next stage of production we will see the rigging process completed as well as the Mojo's engine and interior installed. Still a lot more excitement to come!

One of the many great things about the individuals who work on the production line at Moomba Boats, is their dedication to continued improvement. They are constantly looking to better themselves and the processes they execute everyday. The results are evident in the new Mojo 2.5.

Stay tuned to the Moomba Boats Blog for more photos and production process descriptions of the first production Mojo 2.5 build. Your Mojo could be next. Moomba is brand you!

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