Monday, July 1, 2013

Die-Hard Moomba Owners

Long time Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats customers Jerry and Michelle Atchley just recently took delivery of their third Moomba boat and we thought it would be fun to learn a little more about these die-hard Moomba owners and their son Jarrett.  So we asked them a few questions.

What Models years and models have you owned?  2011 LSV, 2012 Mojo

What year and model do you own currently? 2013 Mojo

Can you list the names and for kids ages of the people in your family? Jerry, Michelle and Jarrett (age 8)

Why do you and your family choose Moomba boats? We owned a ski boat and our son, who was 5 at the time, wanted to learn to wakeboard so we started shopping for inboard boats. We visited many dealers in Arkansas and was most impressed with Diamond Lakes Watersports in Hot Springs and what they had to offer. The value and quality of the Moomba was a perfect fit for our needs.

How would you describe Moomba as a company and a boat brand? After purchasing our first Moomba, we toured the Skiers Choice plant and were very impressed with the facility and the boat making process. While going through the various stations of the build process you could clearly see their attention to detail. They don't skimp on quality in areas that you cant see once the boat is completed. Also very proud to own a boat by a manufacturer that has won the CSI award for the past 7 years.

How do you feel about your current Moomba boat? We love the Mojo! The wide bow accommodates more people and the deep hull offers a smooth ride. The ballast is perfect for surfing at 10 mph or wakeboarding at 20mph. We have pulled wakeboard riders from beginner to advanced and all love the Mojo wake.

How do you feel about your Moomba dealer?
The Diamond Lakes Watersports crew are extremely knowledgeable about the products they sale from equipment to boats. The guys in the shop are from a younger generation that started out in this sport and know a lot about it.

What do you do behind the boat and why?
Jerry surfs and Jarrett wakeboard's and Michelle occasionally does both. All of it is for fun however Jarrett practices for INT competitions that he rides in. 

Do you or does anyone in your family compete? If so who, what do they do and where? Jarrett rides in the INT tour. His first year to compete, at the age of 6, he won the Mini Outlaw Division for the Central Region. Once all Regional scores were combined he was declared the National winner for 2011. Last year, at the age of 7, he competed in the Junior Novice division, won the Central Region again and was also declared National Champion for 2012.

How many hours do you put on your Moomba per year?
Average 140hrs

What lakes do you boat on? What's your favorite?
Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs and Lake DeGray in Arkadelphia.  DeGray is probably our favorite because it's closer to home and not as crowded.

What is your favorite part about your time on the water with your family? Just relaxing, spending family time together  and watching Jarrett ride and progress in the sport of wakeboarding. Plus when your in a Moomba you have "No Worries".

Can you describe your favorite water sports/ boating story? Of course our favorite story about wakeboarding revolves around our son. We were so excited when he was 6 and learned to jump wake to wake. The smile on his face was priceless. Then when he turned 7, he added grabs, half cabs and double grabs to his wake to wake jumps. It is such a joy to watch him ride.

What else do you so for fun?
Jarrett keeps us very busy with his sports. In addition to wakeboarding he plays football, basketball and baseball and also enjoys hunting and ATV riding. This winter he also learned how to snow board.

Thank you Atchley Family!

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