Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birth of a Moomba Legend: Mojo Build Day 7

Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats is digitally chronicling the first production build of the new Mojo 2.5 wakeboard boat with daily build photo posts. This series of blog posts and photo gallery will illustrate the superior production processes that make a Moomba boat.

The seventh day of production for this new Moomba wide-bow wake boat was lake test. On Day 7 the Mojo 2.5 was tested in a tank at the factory to make sure all of the high risk operating systems were functioning properly and then the boat was towed to the lake for in-depth on-water testing. The first production Mojo hit the water for the first time and ran perfectly!

If you missed the previous Mojo 2.5 build posts check'em out: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6. If you're ready to order your 2012 Mojo, visit your local Moomba Boats Dealer.

Once a Moomba finishes the rigging process the driver's seat is installed and the boat is ready for Lake Test. Each Moomba boat is actually tested in-water during two separate steps of the production process and the Mojo 2.5 was no exception.

Moomba boats are inspected at each station on the production line, but 3 key inspections are elevated to critical, high risk inspections and performed in a controlled environment for safety. The initial testing of electrical, fuel and steering systems is executed in a water filled tank at the factory. Once the Mojo passed this critical testing criteria, it was approved for Lake Test.

In a tank testing situation it is impossible to detect problems with vibration, planing, tracking, etc. This is why each Moomba boat is not only tank tested but also towed approximately 30 miles round trip to Fort Loudon Lake in Tennessee for Lake Test. The Mojo took this trip. During this stage of production a Moomba Team Member performed a stress test on the Mojo's engine. He also analyzed the boat's running attitude in the water. He was sensitive to any boat vibrations and took note of any pulling from side to side. He also took a close look at the gel coat finish out doors to make sure it appeared as flawless as it had inside the plant. The first production Mojo 2.5 passed Lake Test with flying colors.

The next stop for the Mojo is final finish! In this final stage of production the Mojo will receive all missing interior cushions, hull graphics will be applied and the extensive quality control process will commence.

One of the many great things about the individuals who work on the production line at Moomba Boats, is their dedication to continued improvement. They are constantly looking to better themselves and the processes they execute everyday. The results are evident in the new Mojo 2.5.

Stay tuned to the Moomba Boats Blog for more photos and production process descriptions of the first production Mojo 2.5 build. Your Mojo could be next. Moomba is brand you!

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