Friday, October 21, 2011

Birth of a Moomba Legend: Mojo Build Day 8

Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats is digitally chronicling the first production build of the new Mojo 2.5 wakeboard boat with daily build photo posts. This series of blog posts and photo gallery will illustrate the superior production processes that make a Moomba boat.

Finally this new Moomba wide-bow wake boat made it to Final Finish. On Day 8 the Mojo 2.5 spent its last day in the factory. Seat cushions were installed along with finishing touches like the Moomba Chrome Graphics Package. Many manufacturers call this stage of production Quality Control or QC, but with a Moomba boat QC is performed as a part of every production step. Final Finish is no exception.

If you missed the previous Mojo 2.5 build posts check'em out: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7. If you're ready to order your 2012 Mojo, visit your local Moomba Boats Dealer.

There are many Quality Control sign-offs on a Moomba boat as it flows through production. Each station signed-off on both their own work and the work of others as the Mojo entered their area. Moomba Team members are encouraged to stop the production process anytime they feel the quality of the product is not measuring up to the Moomba standards that have been established.

Each team remember was responsible for inspecting and approving his or her own work on this Mojo 2.5. Next there was a team leader sign-off before the Mojo could move on to the next stage in production. In Final Finish the Mojo was signed-off on by the manager of this area once all details were attended to. Finally a manager from outside the production team inspected the Mojo to make sure nothing was missed. This extra step gets s fresh set of eyes on each and every Moomba boat before it leaves the factory to make sure nothing was overlooked. Between all of these quality control steps there was actually more work done to the Mojo in Final Finish.

During Final Finish the Mojo's decals were installed. This first production Mojo received the optional Moomba Chrome Graphic. Mojo buyers can choose from the standard Moomba Arrow, the new Moomba BlurFx graphic and Mojo 2.5 Limited Wrap.

Other finishing touches added to the Mojo in this stage included the boat's seat cushions, which were sewn and covered custom. Moomba boat cushions are covered in expanded vinyl with a stain resistant top coat for comfort and durability. Seams are perfectly aligned and sewn in an intricate French Stitch for a high-end look and amazing longevity.

The Mojo's fiberglass swim step was added during Final Finish complete with a Moomba-branded Sea Deck pad to create a sure-footed surface and a custom look. Other exterior components were added to the boat for shipping at this point, but not necessarily installed. Bolt-on optional accessories like board racks, biminis, etc were packaged with the boat to be shipped to the dealer and installed.

At the very end of the Final Finish production stage the Mojo was cleaned inside and out. All dirt and dust that the Mojo may have picked up on its trip down the Moomba production line was removed. When the boat was as clean as it could be it was shrink-wrapped to protect the boat for the truck ride it is about to take to its next home at a Moomba Dealership.

One of the many great things about the individuals who work on the production line at Moomba Boats, is their dedication to continued improvement. They are constantly looking to better themselves and the processes they execute everyday. The results are evident in the new Mojo 2.5.

We hope you have enjoyed this account of the first production Mojo 2.5 build. If you missed the previous Mojo 2.5 build posts check'em out: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7.

Your Mojo could be next on the Moomba production line. Contact your nearest Moomba Boats Dealer and test drive a Moomba today. Moomba is brand you!

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